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Customers love our great selection of books. This is what they say:

Robert Opron – Automobile and Art (English edition) reviewed by Silvio:
***** Very good book… It costs very very much but it’s worth the price, especially if you consider that it dates back to 2002

Citroen shirts

Not just any Citroën shirt. Great shirts!  This is what our customers say:

Polo Ricambi originali – embroidered – red reviewed by Marc:
***** Bought this polo (in red) at Citromobile. Very nice quality. Washed it once at low temperature and it looks still fine to me. I would recommend it!

Citroboutique offers you the finest Citroën shirts and other beautiful articles such as jewellery, mugs, caps, phone cases and mouse pads. We provide polos, T-shirts with round neck and V-neck.

Our polos come embroidered. For the T-shirts we use high quality screen or digital printing. Our shirts are available in many colours. And they are available in organic versions made by Stanley/Stella. In short: fine and responsible.

Our shirts are based on advertisements and other materials used by Citroën. Currently we use materials of the Citroën SM, CX, GS and XM for our Citroen shirts. The legendary SM was produced form 1970-1975 and counts as one of the most special cars ever. It is a very successful combination of Citroën design and Maserati engineering.

Soon more Citroen shirts

Shortly, we will introduce new collections. Per collection we will focus on a different Citroën type. Among these we expect the DS, 2CV, Ami and others. So keep an eye on Citroboutique! You can also follow us on Facebook.

Many articles available as well

Besides clothing we also offer Citroën designed jewellery, mugs, caps and much more. With all our articles we intend to deliver high quality, comfort and – if possible – sustainable production.

We love your suggestions

Bright ideas for new articles in our shop? We love to hear from you. Also if you are an artist or manufacturer creating high end Citroën articles. Citroboutique aims to be a place where Citroen lovers can look for fine products.

Citroen clubs affiliation

Citroen Clubs are all over the world and Citroboutique loves to collaborate with them. We could even handle your own club shop. No more hassle with stock and payments for you. Direct your members to Citroboutique where they can profit from special prices using coupons. Please contact us if you are interested.